Programme Goals

MIND’s Professional Certificate in Customs Regulations, Processes and Brokerage, aims to develop a cadre of professional and licensed customs broker.  The programme enables participants to be familiar with laws and regulations governing customs brokerage, international trade agreements, processes and procedures related to the importation of goods, industry standards and best practices relevant to the customs brokerage profession.

Programme Objectives

On successful completion of this programme participant should be able to:



·         Explain of the roles and responsibilities as a customs broker

·         Explain the national and international context of customs brokerage

·         Outline the legal framework within which customs brokers operate

·         Explain the structure of the Harmonized System of Classification

·         Outline the features and functions of the ASYCUDA Application



·         Interpret customs law, related trade agreements and regulations

·         Apply relevant customs procedures for the import and export of goods

·         Accurately classify good using the Harmonised System of Classification and apply the associated tariffs

·         Accurately complete appropriate customs forms and online declarations using the ASYCUDA Application



·         Commit to comply to the legal and regulatory requirements of custom brokerage

·         Commit to executing their functions based on the stipulated procedures and policies of the Jamaica Customs Agency and international best practices.

Programme Structure

The Professional Certificate in Customs Regulations, Processes and Brokerage is comprised of 363 hours.  Participants are required to complete a total of thirteen courses and a Professional Development Workshop.


Course Description

This course was designed to ensure that participants understand the principles of the WTO Valuation Agreement on Customs Valuation. In particular, participants will be able to apply the methods of valuation consistent with the rules governing each method.