Duration: 75 hours

Supplies Management Module 3 incorporates further purchasing elements which include international purchasing, green procurement, tender preparation and some of the legal aspects of procurement. Inventory systems are explored as mechanisms for improving the supplies organisations operations.

At the end if the training, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the concept of Supply Chain Management

  • Identify types of Tenders

  • Understand Green Procurement and its environmental impact

  • Understand elements of international Procurement

  • Identify negotiating techniques and strategies

  • Identify Inventory Control Systems

  • Recognise quality assurance techniques

  • Identify the basic principles of negotiating with suppliers


  • Apply Purchasing principles and practices

  • Apply the Tendering Process

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the legal implication for purchasing and supply activities

  • Apply basic law including agency and sale of goods

  • Demonstrate negotiation techniques

  • Apply negotiation strategy

  • Compare and contract computerizes and manual inventory control systems

  • Apply Project Procurement management techniques - Administer Procurement contracts

  • Develop and maintain good supplier relationships

  • Set up and maintain controls for Fixed Assets


  • Appreciate the need for professionalism in Supplies Management

  • Appreciate the effect of Purchasing on profits

  • Appreciate the contribution of Purchasing to cost reduction

  • Appreciate the project approach in Supplies Management Content

  • Content

Professionalism in Supplies Management

Purchasing Principles and Practices

Types of Tender and the Tendering process

Effects of Purchasing on Organisational Profit

Purchasing and Cost Reduction

Green Procurement/Environmental impact

International Procurement and Terms of Payment

Law of Sale of Goods

Negotiating techniques and strategies

Marine Insurance

Quality Assurance

Inventory Control Systems

Computerised vs. Manual systems

Inventory Control Software packages

Control of Fixed Asset Inventory

Contract Management Process – A workshop

Project Procurement Management

Supply Chain Management Part 1


Facilitation Strategies

The recommended methodology is a combination of:




Site visits

Case studies, Individual project Group activities.


Course Work – Individual project      50%

Site Visits                                            10%

Final Examination                               40%