Duration: 75 hours

Supplies Management Module 4 examines the supervisory functions of the Supplies Manager. These include the organisational structure of the department, the role of the supervisor, group dynamics and time management. An integrated supply chain management approach and utlising decision making in Supplies Management will be explored.

At the end if the training, participants will be able to:


  • Recognise the professional qualifications in purchasing and supplies

  • Recognise the role of the supervisor

  • Understand the organizational structure of a Supplies Department

  • Identify the elements in staff training and development

  • Identify time management techniques

  • Recognise the various types of problems associated with supplies management

  • Identify the reasons for working in groups

  • Differentiate between types of groups

  • Recognise the basic management principles

  • Understand the integrated approach to supply chain management


  • Apply effectives time management techniques

  • Apply problem solving and decision making techniques to Supplies Management

  • Prepare effective reports

  • Communicate effectively with staff and public

  • Apply basic management principles in the management of supplies

  • Conduct effective meetings

  • Motivate staff

  • Explain the stages of group development

  • Make oral presentation


  • Appreciate the Project approach in the management of Supplies

  • Appreciate the significance of building a Supplies Management Team

  • Appreciate the importance of Budgets and Budgetary Control


  • Supply Chain Management Part 2

  • Organisation of a Supplies Department

  • The Supervisor’s Managerial Role

  • Budgetary Control

  • Building the Supplies Management Team

  • Handling Meetings

  • Supply staff motivation

  • Staff training, and development

  • Professional qualifications in purchasing and supplies

  • Group Dynamics

  • Report Writing

  • Time Management

  • Problem solving and decision making in Supplies Management

  • Project approach to Supplies Management

  • Application of Management Principles

  • Communication Skill – Public Speaking

Facilitation Strategies

The recommended methodology is a combination of:




Site visits

Case studies, Individual project Group activities.


Course work- Individual project         60%

Final Examination                               40%