Welcome to the Administrative Management Level three (3) program.  My name is O Lamar Muir and it is my privilege to be your Course Coordinator.  I am a Capability Development Specialist (CDS) at the Management Institute for National Development (M.I.N.D.).  Online learning is relatively new and for some persons, it may be a bit difficult and even stressful at times to adapt.  However, I will aid you as much as possible in order for your online journey at MIND to be as smooth and enriching as possible.  Online learning will indeed require a new set of skills, mindset and tools.  As an online participant, dedication, self motivation and good time management will be essential for your success.  I encourage you to familiarise yourself as much as possible with this learning platform as this is where you will access all your course resources, information, materials and exams, among other things.  Ensure to regularly check this site for new information, class recordings, materials, notes and updates. I look forward to working with you towards achieving your goals.  Feel free to reach out to me whenever the need arises.  I can be contacted at (876) 927-1761 ext. 303 or emailed at orrette.muir@mind.edu.jm.  All the very best in your endeavours.