The Public Sector Senior Leadership Development Programme (PSSLDP) is a Government of Jamaica (GoJ) leadership learning programme aimed at creating a cadre of public sector senior executives capable of leading public sector modernisation and transformation. More specifically, the PSSLDP is geared towards preparing a core of senior officers from which the mission critical positions of Permanent Secretaries, Director Generals and Chief Executive Officers can be filled.

The programme design is intended to support Jamaica’s overall public sector modernisation agenda, and assumes that focusing on the development of leadership practices that enable broader public sector modernisation will contribute to a strong and networked group of public sector leaders. These leaders will, in turn, support the further development of others and through them the creation of an enabling environment for large-scale transformation.

Through the practices of this initial cohort there will be an acceleration of progress towards realizing programmes, activities and attitudes that contribute to the creation of the citizen-centred public sector that Jamaica wants and needs.

Among the Programme’s specific objectives are to:

1. Build a cadre of effective and skilful senior leaders who are capable of taking on progressively greater responsibilities in various capacities across the public sector;

2. Create a strong community of trusted senior leaders who are capable of working together collaboratively to address complex and cross-cutting public sector opportunities and challenges;

3. Develop confident and skilful senior leaders who will form part of the talent pool from which to select the next generation of permanent secretaries (and other key executive roles in the public sector);

4. Contribute to greater alignment and focus on how to address the goals of public sector transformation and other strategic business priorities moving towards Vision 2030.

Accordingly, the Programme’s content has been designed among other things to provide participants with opportunities to frame, debate and reframe issues that have strategic impact on the country through in-depth engagement with rich, complex cross-cutting case studies, locally-based examples and live case work; and challenge and expand dominant or limited world-views at both individual and group level. The main cross cutting themes are:

1. Authenticity and Personal Effectiveness

2. Team, Organisation and system Transformation

3. Strategic Leadership

4. Emerging Issues in Public Service Governance

The Programme consists of senior public sector leaders representing a mix of ministries, departments and agencies. The Programme infuses core leadership and transformation themes that will be executed over a one year period in four (4) modules, each lasting five (5) consecutive days. Modules One and Four are residential, and Modules Two and Three are non-residential.

Participants will be exposed and enriched in leadership and organizational transformation through a journey of self-discovery and inter-experiential processes. An eclectic mix of leadership development strategies and real-world experiences are the hallmark of this Programme, inclusive of face-to-face sessions, executive coaching and live case analysis.

Critical to the success of the Programme, is the valuable input of the expert facilitation and coaching teams, comprised of leadership, organizational development & effectiveness and transformation stewards from the national and international contexts.

As the GoJ’s public service learning, organizational and leadership development institute, the Management Institute for National Development (MIND) has responsibility for the successful design, development, delivery, evaluation and management of this Programme.

The current delivery of the Programme is supported under the Public Sector Strategic Transformation Project, being led by the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

A modernised, transformed, robust and efficient public service demands that its leaders are equipped with the key competencies to navigate through rapid and complex change, to inspire and motivate their teams, adopt innovative approaches and lead strategically. 

As the Government of Jamaica’s (GoJ) public sector learning, organizational and leadership development institute, charged with providing effective leadership development learning solutions and management training appropriate to all levels, the Management Institute for National Development (MIND) has been successful in influencing a paradigm shift in a public sector leadership practice through its leadership development programmes focused on authentic leadership; acting with integrity and building resilience; leading in complexity and ambiguity; leading high performance and responsive organisations; and engaging and leading others.

The course introduces participants to computing technology theory and the use of various computer applications. It aims to familiarize those who may be unacquainted with some of these computer concepts. As well as describing the concepts associated with computer technology, this course explains some of the key terms students will encounter as they establish relationships with specialists in the information technology community.