Course Outline & Class Schedule

Course Overview:

The role, organization and specific functions of government have undergone frequent and

sometimes radical changes in the past several decades. Sometimes the changes are

generated within countries, as responses to unique social, political and economic

developments, and sometimes they originate outside the country in response to

international political developments and to globalization.

Whether in managerial, administrative or political positions, public servants need to be

able to understand the policy process in order to manage it or operate effectively within

it. This involves an understanding of the technical processes of policy and strategy

making and of policy evaluation. The purpose of this course is to provide an analytical

framework for understanding public policy and management in a variety of historical and

comparative contexts. It will give you an introduction to the tools and techniques used to

identify and select appropriate ways to analyze make and evaluate public policy, and to

organize and deliver public services efficiently and effectively. Also, the design,

implementation and evaluation of policy must take place in the context of democratic

governance which requires transparency and accountability to ensure legitimacy.