Greetings Participants,

Welcome to Fundamentals of Project Management Course 2022!
It is my pleasure to officially welcome you, whether you are a first time participant or a returning participant to the MIND. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! We are happy to have you! I am your Course Coordinator who will be supporting you  throughout your programme from start to finish.

Although the official start date for the course is  Monday, June 28, 2022, all participants (who have officially registered) now have access to the Learning Management System (Moodle) platform, so feel free to start exploring a little bit of your online learning environment—I also wanted to take a moment to post a few points as we get started.

This is a ninety (90) hour programme offered over a three-month period on a part-time basis, three evenings per week. Your scheduled live class sessions will be held via the Zoom platform. This will involve regularly logging into Moodle to check discussion forums, interact with your Facilitators,  monitor your course announcements, access your course materials and Zoom class link.

As you get started, begin to familiarize yourself with Moodle; make Moodle your "Go-To" portal - read carefully all posted materials and  take note of your scheduled date and times for your sessions, this is important so you can plan your time accordingly and get those dates in your professional calendar. I am looking forward to working with you.

Your success is central to our mission here at MIND. Please reach out to me whenever you have questions. I am here to support you every step of the way in your journey to completing your programme.  


Claudia Johnson

Course Coordinator